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Two hikers start their journey together. One wears a backpack. Counseling is a journey, too. Start yours with Breathe & Become Counseling, LLC.
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Counseling for Coloradans

Ready to feel more like yourself?

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Pines covered in snow are pictured, which evidence the beauty of living in this world. Take your first step towards calm, clarity, and connection with Lydia at Breathe & Become Counseling, LLC.


If you're honest with yourself, life's been rough recently. You want to show up for your people and for yourself, but you're feeling stuck.

What's holding you back? Maybe it's...

Losing a loved one or a life season,

Exhaustion from big emotions,

Loneliness and emptiness,

Overwhelm and stress,

Not meeting your own expectations,

Turning to negative behaviors to cope,

Feeling detached from your life, or

Stuck with pieces of your past that won't rest.

Being a human is tough enough! Mental health struggles shouldn't make it tougher.

Are you ready for calm, clarity, and connection? Let’s get you feeling more like yourself!

Evening Availability

Online Therapy

In Person Therapy

Therapy at your pace.

The Work

Pictured: A desert at sunset. Even in life's deserts, wellsprings of life can bubble up. Lydia Bailey, M.A., LPCC offers therapy for trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, spiritual abuse, and faith crisis.


Therapy for...






Disordered eating


Managing emotions

Relationship issues

Compassion fatigue

Spiritual abuse

Faith crisis

Highly sensitive (HSP) support


My clinical approach...

I draw from the following modalities to inform my clinical practice:

*Somatic Experiencing®

*Internal Family Systems (IFS)

*Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)


Spirituality & therapy...

I work with clients from all backgrounds and welcome integration of spirituality in the counseling process. For clients who desire it, I can intentionally integrate my lived experience and studies of Eastern Orthodox Christian spirituality into our work together. Watch my talk for more on this.

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me. Let's see if this will be a good fit!

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