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"Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life."

-Fred Rogers


Individual session (55 minutes): $110

Couples/Family session (55 minutes): $120


As an out-of-network provider, I have partnered with Mentaya to help my clients save money on therapy. Use this tool to see if you qualify for reimbursement for my services!


If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to discuss a reduced rate for a number of sessions, connect directly with me on this.

Are you eligible for out-of-network benefits? 

"May lovingkindness calm the raging of the wound,

May your healing be a clearing in the wood,

And may you breathe in deeper than you ever could before."

-Audrey Assad


Prior to our first session, I'll have you complete several forms. This paperwork provides you with important information about your care, as well as opportunities to share with me about yourself and about what's bringing you in to therapy.

Forms can be filled out online through my HIPAA-compliant practice management system, Owl Practice. Simply provide me with the email address that you would like to use, and I will send an email invitation with the form links attached.

If you'd like to fill out forms the old-fashioned way, let me know and I can send you printable forms!

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me. Let's see if this will be a good fit!

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